The Power of Energy Nation

Energy powers America’s economy and our way of life. And it’s the United States oil and natural gas industry employees that help make this happen. Energy Nation brings together these men and women to channel their frontline experiences to promote more US energy development, energy industry jobs and a stronger, more independent American energy future.

Motor Oil Matters… and Then Some

December 7, 2015 EnergyNation Team

API has launched a public service campaign—called Motor Oil Matters or MOM—to educate consumers about the importance of using API- certified motor oil to protect your car’s engine. What are the best examples of our industry watching out for or helping consumers?

Lifting the Ban on American Exports

December 6, 2015 EnergyNation Team

The House of Representatives has voted twice to lift the ban on crude oil exports. Now legislation will move to the Senate for a vote and we need to let them know why crude exports are so important for our industry. What do you want your members of Congress to know about crude oil exports?